Why have we decided to create a blog?

We realize that not everyone interested in automotive industry.
However, when a problem comes along, we are all looking for quick information about the solution. We would like to provide you with such quick but reliable information. The website was created for people who want to restore the efficiency of the SRS system in their car. We invite you to get an insight into our entries.
Hope they are helpful and you will visit us more often!
The website also contains installation instructions for the devices we sell.


How to check if the seat mat is 3-wired in Mercedes A W176, B W246, C W204, ML W166 and some others?

The seat occupancy sensor in most new Mercedes models may have 2, 3 or 4 wires: white, red, brown (3-wired mat) blue, brown, black (3-wired mat) black, black (2-wired mat) white, red, brown, green (4-wired mat in some models with WSS system, although wires colors may be different in case of the 4-wired seat mat) …

Mat emulator for BMW 7 Series E65 E66 – which one to choose?

The warning light popped out, computer diagnostics showed faulty seat occupancy sensor. A decision was made to buy the emulator.But… which one to choose as there are several versions? EU / US It should be determined whether the car was manufactured for the European market or for the American market. This is important information because such …

About us

The automotive industry is our passion. We perform diagnostics and repair of SRS systems in cars. We specialize in premium brands, such as Mercedes and BMW, but we also repair other brands, such as Mazda or Fiat.