Installation instructions – seat belt tensioner emulator

Seat belt tensioner emulator installation

The emulator should be connected in place of the seat belt tensioner, which we want to replace with the emulator.

Warning! The seat belt tensioner is not the same as the seat belt buckle – if you want to install the seat belt buckle emulator to show the computer that the seat belt is fastened, find the appropriate installation instructions for the seat belt buckle emulator.

  1. Turn the ignition off.

  2.  Find the connector where the seat belt tensioner is connected to the car’s installation.

  3. The emulator is to replace the operation of the seat belt tensioner – it should be connected to the car installation instead of the tensioner. To do this, cut the wires connecting the belt tensioner to the car’s installation and connect the emulator in its place. Please pay attention to connect the emulator to the car installation and not to the tensioner that has been disconnected. To connect the emulator, you can use little clamp connectors attached to the emulator or solder the wires.
Installation diagram of the emulator using connectors

BMW Z4 E85

Click on the picture to enlarge.

In the photo above, the seat belt tensioner wire is marked with a red strip. At this point, cut the cable and connect the emulator.

BMW 3 Series E46

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Seat belt tensioner marked with a blue square.

BMW 5 Series E60

The arrows indicate the seat belt tensioner. Click on the picture to enlarge it.

The emulator is a diagnostic device, it is used for diagnostic purposes and should not be permanently installed.

It can be used on all BMW models.

The device sends information to the car computer that the seat belt tensioner works properly.

After installing the emulator you need to reset the fault code using the diagnostic software.

This device does not affect other components of the SRS system. In the event of a collision, if necessary, all correctly functioning airbags will deploy normally.

Warning! The seat belt tensioner replaced with the emulator will not work!

The emulator can be used in any BMW model. The above pictures are illustrative. Please remember that it may look different on other cars.

Installation should be carried out by a professional mechanic who is familiar with the SRS system. We can share our knowledge and experience with you, but if the problem is more complicated, we will be able to help if a person has the appropriate knowledge. If you have questions, please contact us, photos appreciated.