Installation instructions – seat occupancy sensor emulator – Hyundai EU

Mat emulator installation instruction
- European version Hyundai
(Lantra, Elantra, Sonata, XG)

1. Turn the ignition off.

2. Under the passenger side seat find the seat occupancy sensor connector which has 2 wires.

3. The emulator should be connected in place of the seat mat – towards the car installation. In order to connect wires you can use little clamp connectors, which were sent with the emulator, or solder wires.

4. Turn the ignition on and wait a moment.

If the warning light disappeared automatically, you don’t have to do anything more.

If the warning light is still on, it is needed to reset the fault code using proper diagnostic software.

The emulator should be connected by a mechanic or a person qualified in the SRS systems.

Sonata EU. Mat wires: white, blue