Installation instructions – seat occupancy sensor emulator – Mazda EU

Seat mat emulator installation Mazda
EU version

1. Turn the ignition OFF.

2. Locate the seat occupancy sensor connector under the passenger seat – 3-pin connector with three wires: red, white, brown.

3. Disconnect thisplug and plug in the emulator instead.

Sometimes there may be a problem with finding the right connector. The mat plug is located in the front side under the seat. In the back there are two other plugs: white and yellow. Sometimes the seat mat plug may be hidden somewhere in the seat sponge. In this situation, it is best to find the plugs that are at the back of the chair and follow the wire towards the seat (not the car).

After installing the emulator, the fault code often disappears automatically and the airbag / SRS indicator should go out. However, if the SRS warning light remains on after turning on the ignition, the code must be erased using the appropriate diagnostic software.

Please remember that after fitting the seat mat emulator a car computer “sees” a passenger seat as occupied by an adult – the airbag will always work in case of any accident. Therefore, you MUST NOT transport children in baby car seats in the front seat.

Still any problems with the installation? See our video. It's in Polish but still may help. English version some day.