Installation instructions – seat belt buckle emulator – Mercedes

Seat belt emulator Mercedes - installation

1. Turn the ignition off.

2. The device should be connected in place of the seat belt buckle. Usually, there are 2 wires. They usually have colors: blue and yellow.

Please note that there may occasionally be other colors of wires. If you have problems finding the right plug, look for the cable coming out of the seat belt buckle and follow this cable to the correct plug.
Be careful not to confuse the seat belt buckle wire with the wires from the seat belt tensioner!
If the seat belt emulator is equipped with a plug, simply replace the seat belt buckle plug with the emulator plug.
If the emulator is ended with terminals (pins), remove the wires from the original seat belt buckle plug in the car (eg using a small screwdriver to press the pin) and put the emulator wires in the same color order instead.
After connecting the emulator the computer sees the seat belt as always fastened.