Installation instructions – seat occupancy sensor emulator – SUZUKI US

Mat emulator installation instruction
- USA version Suzuki Vitara, Grand Vitara, SX-4

Short installation video:

1. Turn the ignition off.

2. Under the passenger side seat find a white 3-pin seat occupancy sensor plug with 3 wires: white, red, brown. The plug is marked in the pictures below.

3. Disconnect this plug and connect the seat mat emulator plug instead.

4. If your car is equipped with the unfastened seat belt warning system, after connecting the seat mat emulator the unfastened warning light/sound will be on. In order to get rid of it, connect the seat belt buckle emulator which was added in the set with mat emulator. The seat belt buckle wires are marked with orange color in the picture. In different cars, this connection may look different. Before connecting, make sure that the wires come from the seat belt buckle. Remember to connect the emulator to the car’s installation, not to the side of seatbelt buckle.

5. Usually, after connecting the emulators, it is necessary to reset the fault code using diagnostic software.

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Seat belt buckle plug
Connected seat belt emulator

Please remember that after fitting the seat mat emulator a car computer “sees” a passenger seat as occupied by an adult – the airbag will always work in case of any accident. Therefore, you MUST NOT transport children in baby car seats in the front seat.

The emulator should be connected by a mechanic or a person qualified in the srs systems.