Mat emulator for BMW 7 Series E65 E66 – which one to choose?

The warning light popped out, computer diagnostics showed faulty seat occupancy sensor. A decision was made to buy the emulator.
But… which one to choose as there are several versions?


It should be determined whether the car was manufactured for the European market or for the American market. This is important information because such cars differ in equipment and have different seat occupancy sensors.

Emulator for the driver's or passenger's seat?

BMW 7 E65 is the only BMW model in which the seat mat appears not only in the passenger side seat, but also in the driver side seat and the rear seat. So you should find out which exactly seat occupancy sensor is faulty. Good computer diagnostics will show you such information.

Emulator for passenger side seat - information

Seat mat emulator

There are two types of the seat occupancy sensor on passenger side seat on E65/E66:

– 2-wired mat (2 pin mat connector) is usually placed on E65 up to 2004/5 EU version and up to 2003 US version

– 3-wired mat (4 pin mat connector) is usually placed in models manufactured after 2005 (EU versions) and after 2003 (US versions).

To be sure about the type, please check the plug under the seat (photos of both versions are placed at the bottom of the site, below the article).

Seat belt buckle emulator

After fitting the seat occupancy sensor emulator, a car computer sees the seat as always occupied and asks to fasten seat belt – even if there’s no one sitting in the seat.

The solution for not driving with seat belt always fastened is connecting the seat belt emulator which turns off the seat belt warning light / sound.

Emulator for driver side seat - information

Seat mat emulator

There is usually 2 wired seat occupancy sensor (2 pin mat connector) on driver side seat but to be 100% sure, please check the plug under the seat.

Seat belt buckle emulator

We assume that a driver always fastens the seat belt, so in case of the driver’s seat, the seat belt emulator is not needed.

Pictures of the connector - 2 pin, 2-wired mat

2 pin mat connector has wires: blue, white

Pictures of the connector - 4 pin, 3-wired mat

4 pin mat connector has 3 wires: brown, red, white

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