Installation instructions – seat occupancy sensor emulator – BMW F Series (2 wired)

Seat mat emulator BMW F Series
- installation (2 wired version)

1. Turn the ignition off.

2. Under the front passenger seat, find the seat mat connector with 2 wires. It is placed in bigger yellow connector, usually it’s needed to take out four plugs (including the seat mat plug) from the yellow connector. 

Yellow connector
Seat mat pług taken out from the yellow connector

3. Disconnect mat connector. Remove seat mat wires from the plug (using e.g. a small screwdriver) and put the emulator wires in the plug instead.

4. Connect the seat belt buckle emulator – installation instructions:

installation instructions – seat belt buckle emulator in BMW F

5. It may be needed to reset the fault code using proper diagnostic software.

Please remember that after fitting the seat mat emulator a car computer “sees” a passenger seat as occupied by an adult – the airbag may work in case of an accident. Therefore, you MUST NOT transport children in baby car seats in the front seat.