Installation instructions – seat belt buckle emulator BMW i3 and BMW F30

Seat belt buckle emulator installation
- BMW i3, BMW 3 F30, BMW 7 G12,
Mini F60

1. Turn the ignition off.

2. Open the yellow connector under the passenger side seat. Find the plug of the seatbelt buckle as in the pictures below – in the large yellow connector it is a white plug with wires:
– purple
– orange-black.

3. Disconnect the plug and replace seatbelt buckle wires with the seatbelt emulator wires as in the scheme below:

4. Insert the plug with the seatbelt emulator wires into the yellow connector as it was at the beginning. Close the yellow connector.

The emulator should be installed by a mechanic or a person qualified in the SRS systems.

Yellow connector
Yellow connector after opening
Seatbelt buckle plug pulled out (the white one)
Seatbelt buckle plug
Seat belt buckle plug - wires were replaced with the emulator wires
Seatbelt emulator wires inserted in the plug, the plug has not been inserted back into the yellow connector yet - insert it and close the yellow connector