Installation instructions – seat occupancy sensor emulator – Ford Mondeo

Ford Mondeo - mat emulator installation

1. Turn the ignition off.

2. Under the passenger seat find the seat occupancy sensor connector with 4 wires:

  • white with a green stripe
  • brown with a green stripe
  • black with a green stripe
  • green with a black stripe
3. The wires should be cut off from the connector and connected with the emulator as below:

4.  If after switching on the ignition and the emulator detected by the computer, the fault will not be erased automatically, it should be deleted with a dedicated diagnostic software.

Please remember that after fitting the seat mat emulator a car computer “sees” a passenger seat as occupied by an adult – the airbag will always work in case of any accident. Therefore, you MUST NOT transport children in baby car seats in the front seat.

The emulator should be connected by a mechanic or a person qualified in the srs systems.