Mat emulator for Mercedes E Class W211 – which one to choose?

The warning light popped out, computer diagnostics showed faulty seat occupancy sensor. A decision was made to buy the emulator.
But… which one to choose as there are several versions?

Emulator for the driver's or passenger's seat?

At the beginning it is worth realizing one thing.
In W211, the seat mat is placed on the passenger side seat only. There is no seat occupancy sensor on the driver side seat, therefore you will not install an emulator there.

2-wired or 3-wired or 4-wired seat mat?

In any case, check if the seat occupancy sensor has 2 or 3 wires. The seat mat connector is placed under the passenger seat.

Mat is 3-wired - what next?

An emulator without a plug will fit into all W211 with a three-wired seat mat. It is ended with pins (terminals). The assembly is not easy. Remove the mat wires from the original mat plug under the seat (using, for example, a small screwdriver), and then insert the emulator wires in the same color order into the plug.

However, if you prefer easier installation, we also offer emulators with plugs. More information below.

3 pin mat connector

W211 produced in 2002 and some models from 2003 have a 3-pin mat connector.

In W211 from 2003 there may be both versions of the plug – 3 pin or 4 pin. For this reason, before buying the emulator, check under the passenger seat which mat plug you have.

3 pin mat connector, 3-wired seat mat

In the picture above, we showed the seat mat plug – in the car the left and right parts are joined together. Please note if the plug in your car has exactly the same shape.

On the left – seat belt buckle connector and seat mat connector from the side of connecting emulators (female plugs).
On the right – the car installation side – male plugs and other colors of wires.

3 pin mat plug - the view in a car

4 pin mat connector

In W211 produced in 2004-2009 and some models from 2003 there is a 4-pin mat plug.

The mat has 3 wires: white red, brown.

4 pin mat connector, 3 wired seat mat

In the picture above, the connector of this version is presented. The photo was taken under the passenger seat, but from the back of the seat. From the front of the seat (car installation side) the wires colors are different.

The first plug on the left is the seat mat plug. One hole in this plug is empty. The first on the right – seat belt buckle plug (wires: yellow, blue).

2-wired seat occupancy sensor

If the seat mat in your car has 2 wires, we can not offer any emulator for this version. However, such mats are quite rare, and their fault is difficult to diagnose.

4-wired seat occupancy sensor

The seat occupancy sensor that has 4 wires can occur in W211 manufactured for the US market in 2006-09.
If you need the emulator for this version, please contact us or check if it is available HERE.

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